前の記事で紹介された「プロサバンナにノー! キャンペーン」から河野太郎大臣に届けられた書簡(2018年3月22日付)です。下記の記事とあわせてご確認下さい。




To H.E. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Mr. Taro Kono

Maputo, 22nd March 2018
Dear Sir,

We, the “No To Prosavana Campaign”, received the following decision made by Your Excellency through our civil society partners in Japan who were requested to meet with Ambassador Mr. Shigeru Ushio on behalf of the General Director of Bureau for International Cooperation (Mr. Kazuya Nashida) on March 1, 2018:

“MOFA and JICA have decided to support the efforts of the Mozambican government, if necessary, in order to realize discussions based on participatory decision-making rules including those who are opposed (to Prosavana)”.

According to those who were present at the meeting, including Prof. Minoru Obayashi, Ambassador Ushio confirmed that the meaning of the above decision is: “without holding dialogue with those opposed to the programme, Prosavana will not be carried out”. The meeting was recorded with consent of all the participants, and the Ambassador agreed to use the recording as an official record.

We acknowledge that this decision was made based on the inspection report of the objection against JICA and Prosavana submitted in accordance with the JICA Guidelines for Environmental and Social Considerations. However, we would like to highlight the important fact that 11 requesters have not submitted any opinions on the inspection result.

The requesters have received the Final and Complete Investigation Report (in Portuguese [sent on December 1] and English) and have replied to the Examiners of the Objections and their secretariat that given the importance, size and complexity of this document they will require time to read thoroughly and analyze the contents and produce a response. Later, JICA’s opinion was also submitted. Not only the documents require a thorough analysis but also because the requesters are peasants and are at this stage very busy working on their fields (rainy season [November to March]) and will only be able to submit their opinion letter on the overall results of this process hopefully by the end of April.

In our and the requesters’ view, the objection process should remain open until the peasants have the opportunity to submit their views on this inspection process and the findings in the report.

Despite Your Excellency’s decision, we have received information through partners and peasants that there are ongoing processes to validate and approve the Prosavana Master Plan by intervening the civil society and forcing those who are questioning and opposing to the programme to the table. We do not see the difference between the previous acts taken by JICA and Prosavana promoters and the current situation.

What we have been observing right now is the same kind of approach repeatedly practiced by JICA and clearly described in the objection but ignored by the Examiners. Now, the recording of the testimony of one of the JICA consultants hired under Prosavana was released and the tactics of JICA became clear: “So that is their (JICA’s) motivation, of going…getting behind the Campaign (No to ProSAVANA Campaign) to break the logjam and get parties to the table again” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vIAVPF8pd0). According to the Japanese civil society partners, the Open Question related to this recording was submitted to JICA President on February 27, but until today JICA has not been able to reply even for a simple confirmation of the contents of the recording (JICA extended the given deadline three times already). We acknowledge that the same Open Question was submitted to the Examiners.

Based on the above facts, we strongly condemn the intention to finalize and approve the Prosavana Master Plan while the inspection process is still ongoing and when it remains clear that no significant change has been made to the Programme and also due to the manner in which this programme is being imposed upon the Mozambican peasants and the Mozambican people in general.

Finally, we reiterate our position regarding this programme due to the numerous and serious social and environmental impacts such a programme will cause (Please find attached the Final Declaration from the III Peoples Triangular Conference).

Best Regards
Sincerely yours,

Anabela Lemos
Justiça Ambiental – Friends of the Earth Mozambique
On behalf of the No to Prosavana Campaign

Associação Acção Académica para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades Rurais – ADECRU
Comissão de Justiça e Paz da Arquidiocese de Nampula - CAJUPANA
Comissão Diocesana de Justiça e Paz de Nacala – CDJPN
Fórum Mulher – Marcha Mundial das Mulheres
Justiça Ambiental (JA!) – Amigos da Terra Moçambique
Liga Moçambicana dos Direitos Humanos – LDH
União Nacional de Camponeses – UNAC